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Hey Hetero!

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Concept/ Design: Deborah Kelly
Photography: Tina Fiveash
© Deborah Kelly & Tina Fiveash
Year: 2001

Hey Hetero! is a public art project collaboration between artist Deborah Kelly and photographer Tina Fiveash. The project's six pieces have appeared in 30 illuminated public advertising spaces in Sydney streets, a CBD billboard, magazines, newspapers, bus ads, Avant Cards, galleries, and online.

Hey Hetero! appeared in Sydney, Adelaide and Wellington, NZ, in 2001, and was invited to Berlin and Melbourne in 2002. Hey Hetero! won the major arts award of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival 2001.

Hey Hetero! returns the gaze at heterosexuality: the priveleged sexuality which makes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender movements both possible and necessary. In the form of simulated mainstream 'advertisements', the artwork invites heterosexuality into public discourse.

Note: No heterosexuals were harmed in the creation of this project.

Copyright: For all copyright enquires including licensing and reproduction permissions, please email Deborah Kelly and Tina Fiveash at: studio(at)tinafiveash(dot)com(dot)au; dkellysocialchange(at)yahoo(dot)com